Creating Online Services to Help Entrepreneurs to Sparkle

Your Fairy Techmother is here to take the tech headaches off your plate to allow you to focus on running your business. Just click your heels and let’s get started!

Welcome to Your Fairy Techmother

I want to be a partner who understands your business, appreciates your passion, and is committed to transforming your vision into a compelling digital reality.

I’m Adrian Gentilcore, the face behind Your Fairy Techmother. As a full-time virtual assistant, I’m here to support you in your business and to take some of the time-consuming technical stuff off your plate.

Many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by the technology side of running their businesses.

That’s why there are people like me who LOVE it and can do it WELL for you at a reasonable price.

That just makes good sense and frees up your time to focus on growing your business. Win-win!

Dear Solopreneur,

I see you,

Frantically swilling down cups of coffee in between endless Zoom calls. Spending all your hard earned money on coaches and courses, but never quite reaching the finish line. Juggling kids and housework, and trying to find 5 freaking minutes to just catch your breath before the next thing comes along.

How much time did you spend today cussing at Canva, watching YouTube videos or quizzing Google on how to do something?

You.Are.Busy and Overwhelmed. All day – every day.

So no wonder you can’t wrap your brain around setting up your freebie, or updating your LinkedIn, or figuring out how to make your pop-up work.

You know, there’s another way. What if I could just take that pesky stuff OFF your plate? You know, I’ve been around for a hot minute and I’ve helped lots of folks just like you. I bet I can help you too.


Years in business
virtual assistant

I Believe You Know Your Business Best

Regardless of what your business is, my job is to assist you in being the best you can be by helping you untangle the tech side of things.

And if you’re not sure what you want, you can always set up a strategy session just to get some free advice on your website or your set-up. Honestly, there’s nothing I like better than giving people advice!

I’m kind of a whiz kid about making money. It’s just the way my brain works. I think of like 5 new ways to make money every day. So you may want to check out my newest service – Side Hustle Coaching. I can help you map out a way to make money with a side hustle and then help you set up all the tech to make it happen – like MAGIC!

There are so many different tasks I can help you with. You’ll want to check out my services page for a list of the different services I offer and pricing.

You need a VA (virtual assistant) who is:

  • Affordable – I’m not the bargain basement choice, but I’m not high-ticket either. I get that we all have budgets.
  • Responsible – I believe you should only need to ask for to be done something ONCE.
  • Experienced – I’m not starting from scratch, I’m starting from experience.
  • Quick turnaround – I can handle a workload that would choke a horse and I don’t like to dawdle around with things.
  • Organized – I’ve got Trello boards for EVERYTHING, and I’m a maniac for meeting deadlines.
Hiring Adrian was the best business decision I ever made! She helped me pay attention to what I couldn’t see and was always honest and insightful.
Carrie Stuckman
Love Your Life
I want to give a big shoutout to Adrian. She has a lot of the skills I don’t have and I have the sales skills she doesn’t. Adrian is always there to help and support. I’m grateful for her friendship and collaboration.
Becky Davidson
Win with Becky
I started working with Adrian when my blog wasn’t growing or even making enough to cover expenses. Adrian’s support, encouragement, and advice has helped me grow it to a real business.
Erica Jabali
I Spy Fabulous

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