LinkedIn is like the corner bar where all your ideal clients are hanging out

Out of the major social media platforms, I’ve found that LinkedIn is the place that is most focused on actual business activities. It used to be more of a platform for job seekers, but these days, LinkedIn is the cool place to hang out.

It’s different than Instagram or Facebook, because people aren’t posting photos of their lunch or their cute toddler, or their dog… For the most, part LinkedIn is where people come to talk about their business.

That makes it a valuable place to LEARN things, but it’s also a great place to share helpful tidbits about your business, your specific services, or share tidbits of knowledge about your industry in general.

BUT – in order to be successful on LinkedIn, you’ve got to know what makes it tick. There are a few very important things that you need to set up CORRECTLY to get the best use out of this platform, but it’s kind of a good news/bad news situation.

The good news is that most of your competitors AREN’T doing these things. The bad news is that you probably aren’t EITHER.

Happily, I’ve studied the heck out of this platform and continue to learn about it, because I have been working with a ton of really smart LinkedIn experts. And I’m available to help you get set up for success! Win-win

Step one is to give your profile a complete makeover. There are 9 or so different areas potential clients are going to pay attention to in your profile and I will work with you to make sure they are top-notch including a new cover and any graphics you need.

Then once, we’ve got your profile all dialed in, it’s time to pump up the volume on your posting. The thing I hear most from clients is that they don’t have time to post. Problem solved. Using a scheduler (because you aren’t allowed to post directly for other people), I can set up LinkedIn posts to go out 3X a week. Most people don’t post 3X in a month, so you’ll be way ahead of the game! And I do a combo of custom graphics, text-based posts, carousels, and short videos to give your business and services a chance to SHINE.

It all Starts with a Great LinkedIn Profile

15 min profile review


I’m happy to hop on and review your profile using a checklist I’ve developed specifically for this purpose. Then we can hop on a call and I’ll share my suggestions with you.

Then we can decide if you’d like to upgrade to a paid package.

profile makeover

Starting at

I’ll work with you to do a complete revamp of your profile to represent yourself and your brand in an amazing way.

Includes custom-design cover graphic to visually show off your brand.

ongoing weekly posting

Starting at


We’ll work together to develop a content calendar for 3X/week posting to LinkedIn.

A combo of text-based posts, custom graphics – including carousels and simple videos.

All prices quoted are subject to changes based on each client’s specific needs.

Please note that LinkedIn has some very strict rules that are a little different than the other platforms. VA’s or admins are not allowed to log in to a client’s accounts and update information on their behalf. But don’t worry, I’ll still be able to deliver a high-quality product without compromising your account security or risking a ban from LinkedIn.

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