Why Your Business NEEDS a Newsletter

A business newsletter is just about the ONLY way you can stay in touch with your readers. Otherwise people will just visit your website and head off into the wild blue yonder. But if you’ve got their Email addresses, you can keep them updated on your new content and program, provide helpful tips, and even sell them stuff from time to time.

Newsletters are one of the easiest and most popular services to hand off to a VA. For one thing, there’s a bit of tech knowledge required to set them up. And it can be incredibly frustrating when you can’t get the tech to behave itself!

I’ve done a BUNCH of these for clients and my own websites, so you just need to make a few decisions and turn me loose. The biggest part is coming up with a terrific freebie. You want something really irresistible with a great title to persuade people to give you their Email address.

PS: I took a course on freebies called “Freebies so good they’ll LICK the screen that is helping me get a LOT more sign-ups on my newsletters.

There’s a lot of moving parts in setting up a newsletter

I can help with ALL of these!

  • Help you design an attractive and eye-catching lead magnet or paid product
  • Set up a pop-up or opt-in box to get sign-ups
  • Create an attractive newsletter template with all your social media links and contact info.
  • Segment your list to suit your marketing plan (you do HAVE a marketing plan, right?)
  • Set up a Welcome series of 3-5 Emails (or even more if you want)
  • Deliver the lead magnet or product and set up the payment process

MailerLite is My Preferred Email Provider

But I’ve got experience with most of the other providers – Active Campaign, ConvertKit, and even MailChimp (NOT what I’d recommend, but I can use it). Please use my affiliate link if you want to give MailerLite a try.

Newsletter Set-up


I’ll set up the whole enchilada including your lead magnet, welcome sequence, and set up the popup on your site.

create monthly newsletters

Create 2X/month newsletters for your subscribers based on your marketing plan.

Keeping in regular touch with your subscribers is the best way to keep them interested in your products and services.

mailchimp rescue


If you’re tired of the “Chimp”. let me migrate your subscribers to a better platform. I’ll get you all set up on MailerLite or ConvertKit.

If you are ready to get started, just reach out to me using the Let’s Get Started button below so I can get your requirements and arrange for payment. I can accept Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

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