Social media is IMPORTANT. It is also an extremely time-consuming pain in the ass!

I don’t know how else to say that. It is incredibly important to show up on social media on a regular basis to promote your business and connect with peers and potential new clients. It’s just a must-do task in your business.

But it can be incredibly time consuming, along with being a big source of anxiety. Are your captions good, are your images sharp, do your videos and reels make you look fabulous or totally LAME.

It’s just not one of those things you wake up excited to dig into every day. At least – I don’t. Maybe you LOVE it. In which case, you go girl!

But based on what I’m seeing on the interwebs, I think keeping up with social media is a HUGE problem. I see 4 different scenarios everyday with people on their social media:

  • They aren’t doing it at all. Especially on LinkedIn and other important platforms, they set up a profile, but never post anything at all. That’s not helpful!
  • They post so randomly and infrequently that it’s kind of useless. Every platform prefers consistency, so if you are only posting every couple of months, you might as well save yourself the bother. It’s going to get zero visibility.
  • They do it BADLY. If you are posting graphics that are amateur-looking, uninspired single sentence captions complete with typos, or just reposts from other people, what impression are people getting about your business? Hint: They aren’t thinking that you’re a competent professional they want to do business with….
  • The other type I see are people who are posting pictures of their dog, their apple pie, or their vacation photos, but they sort of forget to mention that they have a business. I love a good dog pic, or little tidbits about people’s lives – it adds a bit of spice to my feed. But these should be sandwiched between value-packed, properly keyworded posts about your business.

So, how can I help with this scenario? Well, what if I could take like 95% of it off your plate? Just imagine that for a moment. Wouldn’t that just feel like a tropical vacation with a fruity drink in your hand and your toes in the warm sand?? It’s totally possible. And the 5% – just pop in when you have a minute and post a fun reel or do a quick video. Then it would be fun again and not a daily grind like it is now.

How Does it Work?

It’s very simple. We’ll have a regular call every month or so where I will ask you questions about your business. What differentiates you from other people in your line of business, what new insights can you share about your topic, what specials or exciting events do you have coming up that you want to highlight?

Then I go into Canva and create some appropriate graphics for it. Some will static images, some will be simple videos, or carousel posts in your brand colors and unique style. I’ve been creating Canva images for years – I have over a thousand of them in my account folders. We’ll work together to come up with a list of keywords and hashtags to represent your brand and write some eye-catching captions. Then I’ll get them scheduled up to your social media accounts.

I’ve done this for years with my own social media accounts, and currently I’m posting multiple times per week to 10 different social media accounts. That would be tough to do, if you didn’t have a good scheduler and a really well-organized plan. Obviously, if I can handle a workload like this for my own accounts, adding a few more to the mix is going to be a piece of cake!

strategy session


I’m happy to hop on and review your social media strategy and give you some tips on how to move forward. I’ll suggest some tools and give you some ideas of how to move forward and how I might be able to help you get started.

Then we can decide if you’d like to upgrade to a paid package.

3X/week Social media posting


We’ll make a full content plan together for your main social media account – LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

I’ll create the graphics, keyworded captions, and hashtags, if needed and get them scheduled up. You’ll have full approval for everything.

add additional social media platforms


I’ll repurpose your graphics and captions to additional platforms as needed, including making any changes to tailor it to each platform.

Ready to Work Together?