If you need a simple WordPress website, you are in the RIGHT place!

Your website is essentially your business card, and a great website can really show off your business to great effect. But a not-so-great website could lose you clients. And it isn’t just about being pretty – it has to be secure from hackers, fully functional and have enough information located in the right places for people to understand what your business is all about.

I hear lots of discussion in online groups. LOTS of discussion – WordPress vs. Squarespace vs. Wix, or any other type of website. I’ll give you my two cents worth – WordPress is the gold standard. More than 60% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress. These other types may only have a small fraction of the market. If you’re Google – are you going to send traffic to the 800 lb gorilla, or the chihuahua?

Are these other websites cheaper? You bet they are. But you get what you pay for and WordPress isn’t a lot more. Most WordPress sites are less than $10-$15 a month. I also see people go with cheap hosts like Bluehost. They have a horrible reputation – they’re ranked like 26th out of 31 hosts. But they pay a 25% higher commission, so everybody pushes them.

I use Siteground – I’ve had them for 5 years and I’ve got 5 sites with them. That’s how much I like them. Why? If I have a problem, I can reach a real live person to help within about 5 minutes. Every time. That’s worth a few extra bucks. And if you’ll use my affiliate code, I’ll give you a free SEO training session. So, WordPress and Siteground = a winning combo!

Let’s make your website work for you. You can invest in your business’s future with a website designed to attract, engage, and convert your ideal customers. This would make you stand out in the digital world, enhance your brand’s credibility, and grow your business, all with a mobile compatible website uniquely crafted for your business.

My basic website package is 4 pages – Home, About Me, Services, and usually a blog, a book, or a podcast page.

Additional pages and additional services like a lead magnet/newsletter set up are available for an extra cost.

If you’re looking for help on what to say on your website, I’ve got a lot of experience in that area as well, plus I’ve got a website questionnaire to help guide you through the whole process.

So let’s do this thing! You provide the words, your brand colors, and any photos or logos that are part of your business. I’ll handle the rest. Custom header, menus, stock photos or graphics, buttons, social media links, the whole enchilada.

And because I am very security-conscious, I’ll make sure your site is set up with proper security, legal pages, and everything needed to keep it SAFE from nasty hackers. You wouldn’t believe how many hack attempts I have intercepted on my own sites, so I don’t fool around when it comes to security.

I’ll also advise you on the basic plug-ins you need to make your site run smoothly and provide a complimentary 30 minute training session to show you how to use your new site. That’s something very few designers offer.

My prices are on the low side for a fully custom website built from the scratch. I’m able to offer such affordable prices because I stick to a fairly simple website model. Most of the designers I’m seeing charge $3K-$5K and up and can take months. I normally can turn a site around in 1-2 weeks.

All my sites are built on the free Kadence theme. It’s lightweight, extremely customizable, and fully mobile compatible. It’s also what my tech guy recommends and he’s a smart guy. I’ve tried several other themes and some of them SUCK. If I’m going to offer websites at such a low price, I need to be able to build them quickly. So, I don’t do custom coding or fancy scrolling graphics.

Most people just need a fairly basic site to start. In fact, it will look similar to this site, and you can see my portfolio below to give you a few more ideas for color and design.

If you need a site migrated from a different platform, or if you’ve got an existing website that just needs a makeover, send me a message via the contact form below, or set up a quick call with me so I can look at what you’ve got and give you a custom quote.

If you are interested in on-going maintenance or simple tweaks to your site, I’m happy to give you a quote for that as well.

WordPress maintenance


Managing a WordPress website can be complex, but hackers are a real thing, so it’s very important that you are keeping your site up to date!

For just $45/mo, I will log into your website 2X a month to handle any updates or quick-fix issues I find. I’ll also manage all those pesky notifications and let you know if a problem pops up.

Your website is a precious asset to your business. It’s worth protecting properly.

wordpress design

4-page basic website
Starting at

We’ll talk about what you want your website to look like and choose your colors, graphics, and theme.

I’ll help you pick out the hosting and get the tech all set up. I’ll also answer all your website questions.

As I finish the pages, you’ll have a chance to review the work and make any adjustments.

Then we’ll have a 30 minute training session to give you the 411 on how to use your new website.

existing website revamp

Starting at


If you’ve got a website that’s been around for a while, it probably is in dire need of a revamp.

I’ll have a thorough review of your site and freshen up your theme, speed it up, add in some fresh graphics, do some updates to your verbiage and more. Or if you want to migrate to WordPress from Squarespace, Wix, or whatever.

I’ll also make sure your site is secure and mobile responsive.

All prices quoted are subject to change based on each client’s specific needs. If you are ready to get started, just reach out to me using the Let’s Get Started button below so I can get your requirements and arrange for payment. I can accept Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Website Portfolio

Molly Hurd – Former Public School Teacher helping learning disabled students

Sam McSorley – Naturopath and Health Coach

Lillian Taylor – Writer and Facebook Influencer

Alynne Davis – Therapist for Women’s Trauma and Eating Disorders

Digestive Distress Solutions – Diane Rose Greco, Author and Food/Cooking Coach

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