Why Being a Virtual Assistant is a Perfect Job for Introverts

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Being a virtual assistant is a perfect job for introverts for so many reasons. I do a lot of coaching for VA jobs, especially new VA’s who are just getting started with their business. Many of them are introverts or just mothers who want to stay home to care for their children.

Being as Your Fairy Techmother is a confirmed extrovert, I didn’t feel qualified to talk about the realities of dealing with the world as an introvert.

So I asked one of my former coaching students, who is currently running a successful VA business of her own to give me a rundown of life as an introverted VA. Meet Brittany Radke of Radke Virtual Services. If you’re interested, in some coaching to start your own successful VA business, hop over to my Coaching page.

Perfect job for introverts

Why Being a Virtual Assistant is a Perfect Job for Introverts

If we have learned anything since 2020, it is that working-from-home is not only an option for some professions, it is the ideal working model for many people. Introverts, in particular, tend to thrive when they are able to work at home.

That’s why I feel that running a successful VA business from home is a one of the most perfect jobs for introverts.

Being a VA (Virtual Assistant) is so perfect for introverts because it’s 100% work from home and you rarely have to interface with others, and then usually only via Email or Slack messages. That’s perfect when you feel stressed with trying to work in a noisy office or putting up with annoying co-workers.

Who is an Introvert?

Introverts can often be misidentified. Oftentimes, people who are classified as introverted are considered shy and antisocial. This is not true in most cases. The main things that differentiate introverts and extroverts is how they gain their energy. Extroverts get energy by being around people and introverts prefer their alone time when they need a recharge.

I understand the life of an introvert because I am one. Although, many people would consider me an extrovert. I am able to “turn it on” when I need or want to be around people. But a lot of times these gatherings make me feel a bit drained. I do much better with one-on-one conversations that are less chit-chatty and more focused on an actual conversation.

Benefits of Hiring an Introvert

Introverts tend to be very creative, great at decision making, strong problem-solvers and can be very independent. These are great skills for working at home as a VA! Also, when introverts do interact with people, via Zoom or in-person, they tend to be great listeners and cultivate deep relationships.

Imagine being a business owner and knowing that your employee or contractor has your back and you don’t need to worry about the tasks that you have delegated to them!

Drawbacks of working from home as an introvert

While remote work can be wonderful for introverts there are some things to take into consideration and prepare for if you take on this career path.

Privacy for example, as a freelancer or business owner, you will need to market yourself. This can be very difficult for an introvert to overcome. Doing Instagram Reels or a Facebook Live can seem daunting.

This leads into networking, it is very easy to stay in your safe place and just “get the job done” but it is important to have contact with others and build a sense of community, even if it is through a computer.

Thankfully, there are lots of online networking groups where you can connect with clients without a face-to-face conversation.

You are able to Control your Environment as a Virtual Assistant

Working from home is how introverts can truly shine professionally. Especially as a freelancer or a Virtual Assistant, introverts can be more in control of their schedule. Do you like working straight through your day or would you rather work here and there due to caring for your young children or elderly parents. A VA business easily allows for that level of freedom.

The beauty of working from home is that oftentimes, you get to decide when and where you work. Do you prefer working at your desk or on your couch? The choice is yours! And there are tons of choices for the types of work you prefer to do.

The sky is the limit for introverts who want to succeed in a professional environment. Now that work-from-home jobs are more available, introverts can find a career that fits their lifestyle and truly lets them shine which will benefit them as well as the people they work with.

What if I want to Start a Successful VA Business?

I’m Brittany, owner of Radtke Virtual Services, where I am a freelance Virtual Assistant who specializes in Pinterest.

I use my strengths as an introvert to bring a sense of ease to my clients. I am able to listen to my clients, get a feel for what problems they are having, and find a solution (all while wearing my comfy pants)! And most of our conversations happen over Email, messenger, or Slack, so I rarely have to hop on a Zoom with a client – which is tricky with toddlers around!

Having the ability to work from my own home and be in my surroundings helps me stay focused. Working from home also allows me to spend more time with my young children. I am able to work around their schedules while reducing stress for my clients.

Thank you Brittany for your valuable insights!

If you are looking for coaching for VA jobs, check out my Coaching page for information on how to set up your own VA business. As well as coaching, I can help you set up your website, help you organize your social media to connect with potential clients, and get all your contracts and billing in place. I’ll also teach you how to hold effective Discovery Calls with clients to seal the deal.

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